Benefits of Wheatgrass

For years, humans have marvelled over the weird health and healing benefits of Wheatgrass. Our ancient ancestors grazed on it in order to maintain healthy digestion and promote general well-being. Now the green power drink is chugged by the celebrities, brainiacs, sports stars, Batman and a cow called Colin.

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Wheatgrass Energy It'll give you energy

Stress, sadness, everyday pollution and an acidic diet (such as sugar and refined carbohydrates) can create acid in our bodies. This angry acid attacks the defenceless red blood cells, causing them to weaken, stick together and die.

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Wheatgrass Powder nutritional info It's full of nutrients

Do you remember your parents banging-on about eating your vegetables? Well, they had a point. Vegetables are extremely good for you. In fact, hundreds of private and government funded studies have found that by eating lots of vegetables you may be able to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. However, 90% of us still fail to get 3-5 servings of veg every day.

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Detox with Wheatgrass It'll detox away all of those beer cells

There are far more toxins in the modern world than our bodies can deal with. In the olden days, when things were simple, people used to travel by horse and live off the fat o' the land. Entire families would munch on chickens, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and the occasional pig's trotter.

Today we have to live with pollution, waste, chemicals (in water) and additives (in food), which all damage our immune system. We can't go back to the good old days, but we can fight the wretched toxins with the natural power of Wheatgrass.

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Stay youthful with Wheatgrass It rejuvenates!

The enzymes in your body work hard to use the good bits in food in order to repair and rebuild your body. As you get older, the enzymes reduce in numbers and less repair work can be carried out, so you age and weaken.

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The taste?

Okay, we'll be honest, the taste is not particularly nice for us humans. But ask any Cow and they'll tell you, "it tastes just like grass, YUMMMM!" As you'll already know, the best things for your body don't always taste like chocolate (if only!!!). So just before you guzzle your first glass of Wheatgrass, think about the goodness it'll give to your entire body.

Fight wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging

Let's make this clear. By drinking Wheatgrass every day, you can reduce the signs of aging, such as wrinkles. What Wheatgrass won't do is turn back the clock or make you 25 for the rest of your life - we're still working on the Age Reversal Supplement Experiment!

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